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Better Off Red

Hair today, gone tomorrow? No, it all just fades a little every day.

Return of the Thing from the Attic

Contemplating life and kids from your own front stoop is a little spooky and a little sweet.

French Lessons

Hey Danny, we didn’t put “feed the cat” on our Home Exchange profile!


John should’ve warned Lisa about the con of Cons before they went!


We only did one day of @newyorkcomiccon this year, but we made the most of it

Dinner TIME

Mom can turn anything into an excuse to call her babies.

Apple of Her Eye

Folks in the Big Apple like to know what they’re biting in to.

Climate Strike

#FlashbackFriday to the beginning of our end-of-Summer trip. Big shout out to all the kids who did their part today.

Put a Bird on it

Dropped the big kid off in Portland. It was a big splash.

Freshman Flashback

Lisa dropping off her big kid at Reed College.

Over a Barrel

Those plastic milk crates come in handy, but not for everything.

College Babies

‘Sunrise, Sunset’ from Fiddler on the Roof was one of Lisa’s mother’s favorite songs. Now she knows why.

Diving In

A weekend away. A dip into a sea of memories.

Son Shine

Last weekend we welcomed a new daughter into the family. It was a beautiful and monumental day in so many ways

More Fun than a Barrel of...

Lisa & John picked up a free rain barrel this weekend. Each is excited about it in different ways.


If you can’t take the heat…

Pet Project

Storm your local pet shelter and abduct something to love.

Riis Park SunBurn

At the beach, there can be reflections in the water, some light, and some dark.


Lisa learns some new tricks and comes home excited to try them out with John.

Hater Tot

Anger can be demanding.

Impulse Buy

We’re not convinced that texts don’t pass through The Upside Down #autocorrectfail

By The Sea

We spent #WorldOceansDay on the Jersey Shore, appreciating all that natural beauty and life and hoping it will be there for generations to come

Mr. Sunshine

Don’t worry, John’s condition is not serious. He’s just a cartoonist. Or a vampire.

MerMay Girl and GrumpyPants

May is the month of Spring cleaning and mermaids! I worked at Nick.com for many years so when I think underseas, I think SpongeBob.


What did you do in your Spring vacation? Lisa holed up and put an end to a nagging but epic creative itch.

The Other Woman

Does your artificial intelligence have a mind of her own?

Into the BackgroundVerse

If you show us your Spidersona, we’ll show your ours

Fire and Ice

First fight of the year. That didn’t take long.







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